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Lash Lift
Lash Lift + Tint Combo

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​. . . . $30
​Lash Extensions
Lash Fill
Lash Removal (from another location)
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Temporary Lashes

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Lash Lift / Tint
A lift is gentle alternative to lash extensions, which takes the natural hairs you have lining your lid and gives them a dramatic curl.  This is done by applying a curling rod to the eyelid and brushing the lashes upward with a curling solution.  The results can last up to 12 weeks and it is a low-cost, low-maintence alternative to lash extensions with sililar results!  Add on a Tint Combo for a more dramatic and defined look.

Lash Extensions 
The art of adhering individual lash extensions to each of your individual natural lashes with surgical-grade, safe adhesive to create full, lengthy, and gorgeous lashes!  These are not false lashes, meaning they are not in a strip or cluster and are not glued to the skin.  These lashes can last up to 6 weeks with 2-4 week maintenance “fills”.  Your first application process takes approximately 2.5h, dependent upon fullness desired.

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